Heavenly Minded

Women's Conference

This is not just another women’s event. No hotel room. No typical conference hall. We’re having ours in heaven, y’all! At this EVC Fall women’s event, we’re going to unlock the gates of Heaven and explore everything eternal! Join us as Karen Chaffin walks us through the blueprints of heaven. Based on her book, Heavenly Minded for Earthly Good, Karen presents a power-packed scriptural climb that underscores what really matters on Earth.


Event Schedule

Friday, 9/22/17:

6:30pm - Doors open

        Dessert/ Coffee and Water provided

6:55 - Doors open to Worship Center

7:00 - Welcome and Games

7:15 - Worship (Lead by Toni Ruffino )

7:45 - Session 1 with Karen Chaffin

8:45 - Prayer and Worship

9:00 - Dismiss

Saturday, 9/23/17:

8:30am - Doors open

        Continental breakfast served

8:55 - Doors open to Worship Center

9:00 - Welcome and Games

9:30 - Worship (Lead by Toni Ruffino )

10:00 - Session 2 with Karen Chaffin

11:00 - Lunch at EVC

12:00pm - Q&A with Karen Chaffin

12:30 - Games and Door Prizes

12:35 - Worship (Lead by Toni Ruffino )

1:00 - Session 3 with Karen Chaffin

1:45 - Closing and Door Prizes

2:00 - Dismiss

On stage

  • Karen Chaffin


         Karen was a self-proclaimed “pew potato” until God changed her heart and her life’s direction through a Bible study in her church. A passion for the Word of God was ignited that has grown into a full time ministry. Karen’s mission is to challenge believers to discover the great adventure of loving God with all your heart, mind and soul.  

         For the past 18 years, Karen has enjoyed teaching God’s Word to men, women, and children in numerous Bible study and Sunday School classes, weekend retreats and conferences. Her message transcends denominational lines, enabling her to speak to any group. She fervently wants to reach other “pew potatoes” with God’s passion and purpose for their lives.

  • Toni Ruffino

    Worship leader